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Laurent Dauvillée

« When memories make noise,
    the pain is silent »

Show alone on stage
from Dany Marbaix and Laurent Dauvillée

The story

Every day, the old man comes home and sits comfortably in his armchair. The phone rings… but he never picks it up. He then dozes off, which allows us to follow him through his thoughts; memories made of simple moments, small details, ups and downs of his life, and the great events that have brought him to this moment in time. His childhood, family, friends, job and, of course, meeting the love of his life, his soul mate, his sweetheart, his darling … Will she stay? or will she leave? And if she does, when?

The show

This story talks about loneliness, love and death with a touch of poetry and fantasy. It talks about these topics without a word…….. because it is fully mimed.

The actor generously shares his emotions with the audience, allowing them to travel from laughter to tears without saying a single word!

Using real-time synchronization of poignant music, whimsical sound effects, and shapes of light, these slices of one’s life, leave the door open to all interpretations, as if the audience was reading a book: it is the audience’s imagination that creates the setting, the character’s face and the props.

Creation and staging : Laurent Dauvillée and Dany Marbaix

Interpretation : Laurent Dauvillée

Sounds and lights : Jean-Francois Delvin

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Le public

Un mélange d’émotions… Mon coeur a ri et a pleuré aussi… un merveilleux poème pour l’histoire d’une vie bravo et merci…


Les "collègues"

Spectacle exceptionnel en effet… Drôle et tendre, plein de surprises… Une de ces pépites qu’on ne trouve que trop rarement… de toute façon un de ces spectacles dont on parlera longtemps.

Patrick Chaboud

La presse

« Mute : une énorme claque émotionnelle »

Avignon 2018